Kebetulan suami waktu itu masih ada beberapa hari libur sebelum mulai pekerjaan yg baru, jadinya selama beberapa hari itu kita keliling2 arendal dan sekitarnya. Yang pertama dicari tentu saja asian shop. Ada 3 toko asia di pusat kota arendal yg letaknya saling berdekatan, tetapi dagangannya nggak selengkap toko yg ada di Molde.. yg jelas makanan kesukaanku a.l. pete, ikan kembung dan kecap manis ABC nggak ada dijual. Harga barang2nya pun jauh lebih mahal dari Molde. Secara logika seharusnya di sini tu lebih murah karena lebih dekat ke Oslo jadi biaya transportasi seharusnya lebih murah.. so harga barang2 mustinya lebih murah.. tetapi ndak tuh 😦

Kita juga sempat pergi ke Grimstad, kota tetangga yg terletak sekitar 20km dari arendal. Kotanya lumayan indah dan ternyata toko asia di sono ada jual kecap manis ABC.. yaa, lumayan laa.. 🙂 Terus sempat juga pergi ke IKEA, toko sejuta umat itu.. lumayan, cuma 30 menit nyetir. Terus sempat pergi juga ke kota Kristiansand.. sekitar 10 menit dari IKEA.. kotanya lumayan gede, tetapi cuma sekilas lewat aja, belum sempat keliling2 di pusat kotanya.

Kota tetangga terakhir yg dikunjungi adalah Tvedestrand.. lumayan bagus juga sebenarnya, tetapi berhubung baby K waktu itu rewelnya minta ampun, maka kita musti cepat2 pulang. Cuma sempat keliling di mall yg satu ini.. percaya nggak percaya, mall tsb bernama “the piggy” 😆

Yaa.. begitu deh, kehidupan di tempat baru, musti mulai lagi mengenal sekitarnya.. sometimes suka juga teringat dengan Molde. Setidaknya aku punya 2 teman yg sama2 dari Indonesia. Sempat juga kita beberapa kali masak2 dan makan bareng.. asyiik juga.

Ngomong2 soal pete.. jadi kepengen. Ini dia.. masakan favorite dan paling gampang masaknya. Yg dibutuhkan cuma segenggam pete, segenggam udang, saus tomat dan saus pedas ABC.. jadi dee 😀


and here we are..

We left Molde on January 30 at around 6.30 pm. We planned to leave just after lunch, but the moving company came way too late. Because of the long distance between Molde and Arendal, we had to stop at Hamar, half way between and stayed one night in a hotel. We continued our journey early after breakfast and arrived at Arendal around 3 pm.. It was a 12 hour drive in total and it wasn’t easy with a baby.. I had to sit with her at the back and entertained her by playing with her or giving her a different toy at every 5 minutes or so 🙂

So, here we are.. in a new place meeting new people. We are currently living in a rented apartment in Nedenes while waiting for our new house to be ready. Nedenes is a small town about 10 km from Arendal city centre. The apartment is new, so it’s quite okay.

The view from our window.. not as nice as the one in Molde of course.. 😦

On our first night here.. we slept in the living room because there was no heater in the bedrooms, and it would take a couple of days to properly heat the whole apartment. The apartment was partly furnished so we thought it was okay to move in right away instead of staying one more night in a hotel, as our belongings would not be delivered to us until the next day.

Since we would be living here only for 5 or 6 mos, we stored most of our stuffs in one of the bedrooms and just took out the ones that we really need to survive the next few months. After finishing packing, I realised that we did have a lot of things to bring along.. how did two people accumulate so many… my goodness!

Baby K among the boxes, she looks so tiny 😀

Wishing everyone a very happy V day 😀

moving to the south

Hubby got a job in Arendal, a very old city in south of Norway. We will be moving there in about a week. How unexpected our life is sometimes.. I thought I would be staying in Molde and would not be going any where at least for many more years.

Feeling exciting and kind of sad at the same time. Sad to leave behind the breath taking view from our balcony in Molde, the fiskemannen from whom I can get free fish head from, and of course some good friends I have made during my 4 year of staying here.

Picture of Arendal taken by hubby in November 2011 when he was there for an interview.

City of Kristiansund

Hanya intermezzo..

Kristiansund is a small town approximately 70 km from where we live. More than 23 thousand people living in the area, slightly less then Molde, 25 thousand. The two cities do not get along very well, they say. They both have an airport and a bigger hospital. Is it necessary since they are only 70km apart. It’s like.. when my bigger brother has that, so i need to have that too kind of situation, he2..

Lately, the hospital in Molde is going to be rebuilt and relocated because it’s old. But, the people in Kristiansund won’t let that happen, they are so scared that their hospital will be closed down if that happen, so they want their hospital to be rebuilt as well which is also old. The dispute has been going on like ages, so nothing is yet built. People from kristiansund are too angry even to visit molde now, that’s what i’ve heard.

Strange haa? i thought this kind of thing only happen in my country, i was wrong… people are the same every where nak 😀

On the way to Kristiansund and Kristiansund 🙂

It’s a beautiful town, isn’t it?