i love you dad..

070515bungaLast night, i got to say “I LOVE YOU DAD” to my dear father. thank you for coming into my dream dad.. i have never had such a beautiful dream for as long as i remember. you looked so great dad, you and your smiling face, in your white shiny shirt… you were like an angel to me. i was so happy that i could talk to you dad, asking how you doing and what would you like to eat.

i was so happy to be able to see you again dad, and to say i love you….even only in my dream.

saying “i love you” was something that i have never done to my parents in their living years. if you were raised in a chinese family then you would probably understand why i never did that. we were never raised to be expressive with our feelings, at least not in my generation. the younger generations are more expressive nowadays.

i remember when i was little, i would be so shy when my dad asked me and my brother to give him a good night kiss, then my dad would say “okay, no candies for you tomorrow”, and that would make us run to him and gave him a quick squeeze on the chin and rushed back into our bed again. physical contact with a father figure was not something we often had in our days, that’s why.

even though the words have never been said, deep down in our heart we love them dearly and they knew that.



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